Saturday, December 27, 2014

Shelf Life [adult]

The Table of Less Valued KnightsHate to miss a great read? Never fear! Our reviewing librarians have each carefully selected their top read of 2014. If Santa didn’t bring you these, make your own nice list and treat yourself to a trip to the library.

Robyn’s Pick: The Table of Less Valued Knights, by Marie Phillips (@SPL: FIC PHILL)
Death, dismemberment and reanimation, unicorns, men in iron masks and more than one Lady in the Lake (apparently there’s a union). A tale worthy of the reading and laughter, especially for fans of Monty Python or The Princess Bride.
The BearShauna’s Pick: The Bear, by Claire Cameron (@SPL: FIC CAMER)
Based on a true story, this chilling, compact tale of a bear attack in Algonquin Park is told from the perspective of a (thankfully fictionalized) five-year-old girl, who must find a way to safety with her three-year-old brother after surviving the attack in a Coleman cooler. You won’t be able to put it down, and you may never go into the woods at night again.
Melanie’s Pick: Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel (@SPL: FIC MANDE)
Station ElevenOne snowy night in Toronto, an actor playing King Lear drops dead on stage. Only 24 hours later, most of the city is dead from a rapidly spreading virus. When it’s all over, the virus has killed 99% of the world's population.
The question arises: how to live now? In St John Mandel's unusual approach to a post-apocalyptic novel, the survivors of this modern plague retain their longing for community and civilization. This is a beautiful book; imaginative and full of complex characters, it combines danger with beauty, sadness with hope. It asserts that there is something good in humanity that will endure.
This review appears in the Stratford Gazette.

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