Friday, November 28, 2014

Should I Like or Follow... or Both?

Earlier this year, Facebook made some adjustments to the way Personal Profiles interact with Pages they like. By simply LIKING a page, you are no longer guaranteed to receive posts by that are shared. It just means that you are a supporter for that page. If you want to ensure you are receiving that organization's updates, be sure to FOLLOW them as well. By Following, you will get the content posted by that Page in your News Feed or Pages News Feed. If you determine that a page is sending too many updates, you can UNFOLLOW it so that you don’t get the content pushed to you, but continue to LIKE them. 

So, if you LIKE the Stratford Public Library on Facebook - be sure to also FOLLOW us to receive all the event updates, book reviews, service news and cool links we like to share!

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