Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shelf Life [adult]

Chloe Sparrow by Lesley Crewe
Chloe Sparrow is 25, and she’s a TV director at the CBC in Toronto. She’s eager to get her hands on a project of her own, and is delighted to learn that she’s being offered leadership on a new program… until she discovers that rather than a hard-hitting documentary, she’ll be producing a Canadian version of a “Bachelor”-type show.
Chloe already feels like she lives under a curse; after an argument with her parents when she was fifteen, they both died in a freak accident. She is convinced that her wishes have the power to hurt others, despite how illogical this sounds.
Now, as lead on a cross-country TV show, she hires their “Bachelor”, veterinarian Austin Hawke. Along with a full complement of single women, she travels from BC to Calgary to the East Coast, filming adventures for her reality show. In the process, she gets hit in the face with a puck, injures herself on a horseback ride and falls out of boats. Eventually she has to take a break to recover, letting her co-producer take over. This leads to a more serious tone to the story, as she struggles with losing control of her show and her life.
But, as all good romance stories should, this ends happily for Chloe. Her issues are resolved, and she finds true love. All of the loose ends are tied up neatly – perhaps a little too neatly, straining the reader’s belief just a bit. But if you’re looking for a story in which a young and hapless heroine overcomes many trials, finding success in her job and in love, this is the one for you. Full of quirky and entertaining side characters, this is a quick, funny read. It takes us all across the country, highlighting many tourist activities to add to the itinerary, for adventurous readers. Plus, there’s Timbits. You can’t go wrong with Chloe Sparrow if you’re looking for a solid weekend read.
Published in the Stratford Gazette. Written by Melanie Kindrachuk, Public Service Librarian.

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