Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Evergreen™ Featured Title: The Massey Murder by Charlotte Gray

The Massey MurderThe Massey Murder: A Maid, Her Master, and the Trial That Shocked A Nation by Charlotte Gray
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A scandalous crime, a sensational trial, a surprise verdict—the true story of Carrie Davies, the maid who shot a Massey.

In February 1915, a member of one of Canada’s wealthiest families was shot and killed on the front porch of his home in Toronto as he was returning from work. Carrie Davies, an 18-year-old domestic servant, quickly confessed. But who was the victim here? Charles “Bert” Massey, a scion of a famous family, or the frightened, perhaps mentally unstable Carrie, a penniless British immigrant? When the brilliant lawyer Hartley Dewart, QC, took on her case, his grudge against the powerful Masseys would fuel a dramatic trial that pitted the old order against the new, wealth and privilege against virtue and honest hard work. Set against a backdrop of the Great War in Europe and the changing face of a nation, this sensational crime is brought to vivid life for the first time.
You can investigate this prolific author’s body of work at her website, where there are also many links to reviews and awards, as well as a fascinating blog about her writing life.
If you find the story astonishing, be sure to read this essay, complete with newspaper accounts of the trial, at The Torontoist. The contemporary reports are quite shocking and tabloid-like!
Then you might want to grab a cup of Evergreen Tea, settle back and watch this hour-long interview between Charlotte Gray and Steve Paikin on The Agenda, all about this murder trial and its context in a growing Toronto at the beginning of the last century.

Don’t forget, if you read this book as part of SPL’s STARR Summer Reading program, you can claim 2 stamps on your Rewards Card, and also be eligible to vote during Ontario Public Library Week in October to choose the winner of the Evergreen™ Award!

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