Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Updates to downloadLibrary & Overdrive

We have some exciting new updates and they're real crowd-pleasers. Here's what has changed to improve the downloadable service:

"And" Searching
Ever wonder why a search for John Grisham gave you so many results that weren't by John Grisham? It used to be that there was a secret "or" in the search between John and Grisham. It has now been changed to an "and" so that search results are more specific.

Suspend a Hold
This feature allows users to temporarily suspend a hold in the waiting list. The user’s position will continue to advance in the queue while their hold is suspended, but the hold will not be filled. To do this got to your Account, Holds, and select Options. Proceed with the steps as shown in the pictures below:

Auto Checkout
Users can now set their preference to ‘auto-checkout’ a hold when the title when it becomes available.

Maturity Settings
Two options that allow users to customize their browsing and discovery experience based on content maturity level now appear on the Account, Settings page:
  1. The ability to exclude certain content from browsing based on the maturity level (Juvenile, Young Adult, General Adult, and Mature Adult). This allows adult users to exclude titles for younger readers and young readers to exclude adult-only titles from their experience.
  2. The option to “mask” all Mature Adult cover images with a basic cover image.
We hope these updates improve user experience. Please let us know what you think!

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