Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shelf Life [kids]

Noni Is NervousNoni is Nervous, by Heather Hartt-Sussman, 24 pages. 
@SPL:  JP Hartt 

Noni, a preschooler, sometimes became anxious about things (such as playdates with bossy friends) but nothing had ever worried her as much as the prospect of starting school. She dreaded the first day. What should she wear? Where should she sit? Would her teacher be nice or mean, and would she be able to open her juice box by herself?

The day before school was to start, Noni was a nervous wreck. She bit her nails, twirled her hair and talked nonstop to calm her nerves.

Because Noni was so worried, her parents and her younger brother were also worried. When they tried to ease her fears, nothing worked.  

The next day, however, Noni enjoyed school immensely - in fact, she had a delightful time. She made new friends and she adored her teacher. All of her fears evaporated, and when she returned home, she was able to announce to her very anxious parents, “I really don’t know what you were all so nervous about!”

Montreal author Heather Hartt-Sussman, a mother of two, shows a sensitive understanding of young children in this gentle story about coping with the unknown. Her previous book about the same preschooler is entitled Noni Says No. Both stories have been attractively illustrated by Genevieve Cote, an award-winning artist also from Montreal.

** Recommended for ages 3 to 5 years. 

This School Year Will Be the Best!This School Year Will be THE BEST! By Kay Winters, 32 pages.
@SPL:  JP Winte

It’s the first day of school! What will this year bring? 

While one student dreams of scoring a goal in the first soccer game of the school year, another envisions a perfect report card. Another student hopes that he will grow much taller by the next summer. The lone new student in the class happily anticipates making lots of friends.  

Yet another student would be simply be satisfied not having a problem with losing his homework this year!

Winning a prize at the science fair, snow days (as many as possible, of course), Skateboard Day, the school play, the annual field trip, taking care of the class pet and even looking good in the class picture are also happily anticipated by other students in the class.

Comical and colorful artwork add to the appeal of this upbeat picture book about the return to school after summer holidays. Written by a former teacher, Kay Winters, it would be an excellent choice of story to share at this time of year.

The Stratford Public Library has many more stories for children about starting or returning to school.

** Recommended for ages 4 to 7 years.

Published in the Stratford Gazette. Written by Sally Hengeveld, Librarian.

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