Monday, August 11, 2014

Evergreen™ Featured Title: The Cat by Edeet Ravel

The CatThe Cat by Edeet Ravel
FIC Ravel

Single mother Elise is completely devoted to her eleven-year-old son; he is her whole world. But that world is destroyed in one terrifying moment when her son is killed in a car accident just outside their home. Suddenly alone, surrounded by memories, Elise faces a future that feels unspeakably bleak—and pointless.

Lost, angry, and desolate, Elise rejects everyone who tries to reach out to her. But as despair threatens to engulf her, she realizes, to her horror, that she cannot join her son: She must take care of his beloved cat. At first she attempts to carry out this task entirely by herself, shut away from a frightening new reality that seems surreal and incomprehensible. But isolation proves to be impossible, and before long others insinuate themselves into her life—friends, enemies, colleagues, neighbors, a former lover—bringing with them the fragile beginnings of survival.

Powerfully moving and deeply humane, The Cat is an unforgettable novel about the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit.
Explore more about the biography of this fascinating writer, based in Guelph, in this special feature at the Canadian Jewish News.
Understanding the progression of this novel, as our main character Elise moves through her grieving, might be helped by understanding the five stages of grief, and how they are reflected in the book. The loss of a child seems particularly unfathomable, but there are some resources to help people in this situation.
You can get a taste of this novel at the Penguin Canada website and see whether the writing catches you – if so, come on in to the library and get yourself a copy.
Don’t forget, if you read this book as part of SPL’s STARR Summer Reading program, you can claim 2 stamps on your Rewards Card, and also be eligible to vote during Ontario Public Library Week in October to choose the winner of the Evergreen™ Award!

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