Monday, July 7, 2014

Evergreen™ Featured Title: River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay

River of Stars
River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay
Would you enjoy fantasy based in an alternate historical China? Have you read Kay’s earlier novel, Under Heaven? Are you looking for an absorbing summer read? Whatever the case, you may want to pick up this detailed, atmospheric novel and sink into an imagined past. 
Here’s a summary of the story:
Teenager Ren Daiyan demonstrates legend-level archery prowess and becomes a marsh outlaw. Years later Daiyan tries to redeem his honor by joining the imperial army to halt the empire's decline. In a world ruled by gentleman scholars, female artist Lin Shan is lauded for her unique talent in the masculine arts of poetry and calligraphy. Shan's courtly skills will prove vital to Daiyan as he navigates around scheming ministers, supernatural fox-women, and horsemen who drink from the skulls of their enemies.
With wonderful male and female characters, lots of action, and a richly imagined setting, this novel will take you far away from your everyday grind. It follows on a century or two after the events of Kay’s previous novel Under Heaven, but it doesn’t require that you have read the earlier book – it stands alone. It’s a perfect choice for relaxed summer reading, and if you want to find out more once you are done, check out these extra links, too!
Guy Gavriel Kay’s “River of Stars Journal” is a record of the writing, publishing and promotion of this book. In blog format, it covers many interesting elements of what it takes to create such a novel and send it out into the world.
Or, simply check out his website for tons of fascinating information and links to all of his work.
To celebrate this book at Toronto’s Book Lover’s Ball recently, artist Liu Fang performed a classic Chinese piece on the pipa.
If all of this intrigues you, learn more by listening to celebrity librarian Nancy Pearl interview Kay about his novel.
Don’t forget, if you read this book as part of SPL’s STARR Summer Reading program, you can claim 2 stamps on your Rewards Card, and also be eligible to vote during Ontario Public Library Week in October to choose the winner of the Evergreen™ Award!

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