Tuesday, June 17, 2014

STARR: Summer Teen-Adult Reading Rewards

StarfishProgram runs June 23 – August 29
@ Stratford Public Library

If you are someone who loves to spend the summer on a porch or balcony with a book, this program is for you. If you are someone who forgets what it is to read anything but a Twitter feed over the summer, this program is for you, too!

Welcome to STARR, the program that rewards teen and adult readers with prizes. Thanks to the generosity of a host of local businesses and organizations, we want anyone ages 13 to 113 to keep up their reading over the summer. Teens, I do not want to ruin the potential excitement of winning prizes, but continuous reading will keep up those skills so important for school, giving you a head start for the fall. Adults, I do  not want to ruin the potential excitement of winning prizes, but continuous reading will keep those little grey cells from atrophying, mes amis.

The program is so simple (and free).  If you have a Library card (and those are free, too), get a STARR card on your next visit. For every item you tell us you’ve read – book, audiobook, magazine, e-book, graphic novels all count – we’ll give you a stamp. A full card (6 stamps) can be entered into our weekly, monthly and end-of-summer draws for prizes. That’s it!  No sign-up, no skill-testing questions, no book reports. Easy peasy!

And if you’re stumped for what to read, we’re making that easy too. Follow STARR on SPL’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, or the SPL_STARR account in Bibliocommons for new lists every week to inspire and stoke the imagination.  As for the prizes, we can (so far) thank Buzzstop, County Foods Co, Wee Book and Photo Shop, Boomers Gourmet Fries, YMCA Stratford, Goodlife Fitness, Bradshaw’s, Stratford Fencing Ontario, Dukes Downtown Grill, Covet, York St. Kitchen, Jenn&Larry’s, World Gym, TeaLeaves, and the Stratford Festival!

This article was published in the Stratford Gazette. Written by Robyn Godfrey, Collection and Outreach Librarian.

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