Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shelf Life [adult]

BibliocraftBiblioCraft: A Modern Crafter's Guide to Using Library Resources to Jumpstart Creative Projects by Jessica Pigza
@SPL: 745.5 Pig

Are you a maker, a crafter, a designer? Do you love free inspiration and resources to help you develop your art work? Then you've got to check out this book by New York Public Library's Rare Books Librarian Jessica Pigza.

Pigza is an expert in unusual books and images found in libraries worldwide. She's also a crafting blogger at Both of her passions meet in this comprehensive and engaging book. Rather than simply using former library books as craft material, Pigza focuses on the creative possibilities for new ideas within library collections themselves.

She begins with an introduction on how to find, search and use library collections for creative purposes, and shares links to digital library sites that contain all kinds of vintage books, images and information, available freely. These links alone make this book invaluable to the modern crafter.

Following the detailed introduction, the second half of the book is made up of examples and instructions for artwork and craft projects developed by a wide range of artists and hobbyists well known in the blogging world. Each uses a different art technique and a different starting point for their creations. There is lots of variety here; techniques range from embroidery and sewing, to papercraft, painting, and more. The chosen artists have used maps, decorative bookbindings, vintage children's books, type specimens, and even soil sample charts to inspire their creations. Whether you're interested in embroidered pillows, personalized stationery, unique coasters or table runners, or even unusual accessories, browsing through the array of projects is sure to spark ideas for your own DIY crafting.

If you're feeling creative after flipping through this book, ask a librarian for help finding hidden treasures in Stratford Public Library's own collection. From a lengthy run of bound National Geographic magazines, to theatre, natural history, or decorative arts books, to our online databases, there are many places to get started!

Published in the Stratford Gazette on May 29, 2014. Written by Melanie Kindrachuk, Public Service Librarian.

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