Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our New Desk

Exciting things are afoot at Stratford Public Library!

Our existing service desk on the main floor, is, as you know, very tall and wide.  This makes it difficult to pass materials back and forth, and presents a rather unwelcoming image!  In addition, the construction of the desk has created the conditions for staff injuries.  The present Main Floor service desk makes it very hard to serve you, in a way that is comfortable and efficient for customers and staff. 

In 2012 the Library was awarded a grant from Human Resources and Development Canada, for the purpose of constructing a new, accessible service desk.  The City of Stratford then made a matching contribution which has enabled us to proceed with this project. 

Although the original plan called only for the replacement of the tall circulation desk, it soon became clear that we had an opportunity to improve our service by simplifying the layout of the adult floor, and using only a single desk.  Over the past several months, the staff have been hard at work to hammer out the details of the design. 

The new desk will be located directly in line with the main entrance, and all services currently provided at the two desks will be merged and provided at the single desk.  The counter will be low and of medium width, ensuring that everyone can use it comfortably.  A rear arm will offer a seated workstation when our customers need to work with staff on longer information and technological questions. 

The area currently housing the circulation desk will contain holds, our public catalogue computers, and a drop box for returning materials.  The area by the window will become a lounge-style reading area, with comfortable new chairs and a mobile device charging station that will encourage you to read a book, meet a friend, and stay awhile! 

Our new desk will be completed in late February or early March.  Until then, please bear with us during the construction process.  Service disruptions should be minimal and will be publicized in advance on our website, social media, and through physical signs in the library.  We are looking forward to serving you at our new welcoming and accessible desk!

Julia Merritt, Library CEO

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