Friday, February 14, 2014

booksecret - SPL edition

One of our librarians came across a fun blog put out by Davenport Public Library which asks the question"if librarians could share one book with the world, what would it be?".  The trick - describe the book in 7 words or less.
We put the question out to our staff here at Stratford Public Library and here is what they wanted to share.

Krista R.
by Diana Gabaldon
"A forever love story spanning centuries... literally"

Pam M.
by Kathleen Winter
"Lyrical, gender bending, coming-of-age tale"

Melanie K.
by Shari Lapena
"Toronto tale of family dynamics... plus ghosts"

Robyn G.
by Mary Street
"A most seriously pleasing annual Austenesque favourite"

Laura P.
by Caitlin Moran
"I admit, I am a modern feminist"

Brandon R.
by The Rev. W. Awdrey
"Making way for tracks to great destinations!"

Happy Valentines Day!

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