Monday, January 6, 2014

Email Reminders Can Help You in 2014!

Is one of your new years resolutions to return your library materials on time? We can help with that - simply sign up for our due date reminder service. This service will send you an courtesy email reminding you  of checked out items 2 days prior to the due date

How to Sign Up

The next time you are in, ask to sign up for the due date reminder service.  You can also sign up by calling the library at 519-271-0220 or by emailing  To receive the email reminders, you will need to sign up for all of your notices to be sent by email - this includes overdue notices and notification of requested items which have come in. 

This service is not available by phone or text message.

Caveat: it’s still your responsibility to return your items on time.

Due date reminders give you an additional way to keep track of when items are due, but you will still be charged late charges if an item is returned past it's due date, even if (for any reason) you do not receive a reminder notice. You can always check what you have borrowed and when it’s due by looking at your account online.

This service replaces the reminders that were previously sent by BiblioCommons, our online catalogue. That service is no longer available. 

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