Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shelf Life [adult]

A Graphic Novel Shopping Guide for Perplexed Parents of Tweens and Teens

T’were the weeks before Christmas and all through the city
Worried parents were wond’ring what to be giving

Their finicky teens, those young men and women,
(So easy to please at age 5, 6 or 7).

When who to their worried eyes do appear
But a team of librarians with good news to hear!

“Think graphic novels”, they said, “and comic anthologies,
“From cutesy to dark, there’s lots of varieties.

“For young lady tweens, try Chi’s Sweet New Home,
Read backwards to front, that’s novel alone!”

“For young male tweens, we recommend Foxtrot,
Jason Fox, sis and bro are a relatable lot.

Agatha Herterodyne’s the choice for all things steampunky,
It’s about a girl genius who’s both funny and funky.

“Once Upon a Time is a hit show on TV,
But Fables came first (and it’s better, you’ll see!)

“On the dark side there’s Sandman, Neil Gaiman’s goth dream,
Or weird little Lio, Tatulli’s cute meme.

“On the light side there’s Zits, about a teen and his ‘rents
For GLBTQ we recommend Gente.

“And don’t discount superheroes, like the avengers from Marvel,
And the 52 new origins from DC, their rival.

“We have lots more suggestions, but this column’s too long,
So head to the library or Bibliocommons-dot-com,

“And search for the list name (quite long, see above)
To ease your teen shopping worries, with love,

From all of us here at Stratford’s own Library,

Wishing all of your holidays are both bright and merry!”

This review appears in The Stratford Gazette on November 21, 2013. Written by Robyn Godfrey, Librarian.

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