Wednesday, September 25, 2013

C'mon, Check Me Out! @ The Human Library

In celebration of Culture Days, SPL will be hosting a special Human Library event. In the Human Library, the books you sign out are real people, willing to share their unique perspectives, cultural histories and experiences. Chat, learn, and challenge your assumptions as you connect with people in your community in a new and unique way! 

Borrow a real live person on Saturday September 28, 10AM - 12:30PM.  Human “books” will be available for a loan of up to 30 minutes, at the The Stratford Festival Theatre Lobby (Map). 

Reserve a "book" at the door or call the Library Information Desk at 519-271-0220. 

For more events don't forget to visit the Culture Days Website.

Available Titles: 

Where in the World is Carmen Grant?
Starting out in small-town Saskatchewan, actress Carmen Grant has lived and worked in nearly every capital city in Canada. In her third season at the Stratford Festival, she plays Isabella in Measure for Measure, and small roles in two other productions. Delve into the details of the constantly changing life of a Leading Lady!

Art Therapy Unwrapped
What can be shared with colours and shapes that can’t be shared with words? Read this book to discover what art therapy is and how it opens communication. Vanessa de Groot has worked with groups from pediatric to geriatric. Explore the power of art-making with this book. 

Nothing Says Peacekeeping Like a Blue Beret
A former Canadian peacekeeper, Frank Reid, shares his unique stories over his career in the Canadian Army. Deployment to Cyprus following the Turkish invasion in the 70's is just one of his peacekeeping experiences. 1972-1979-A Canadian Soldier at Peace is available here as a human book - also in print and an e-book!

Human Rights, Human Resources, The Human Touch
Conflict mediation and harassment investigation are just some of the aspects of Mark Hertzberger's day job. His many stories gleaned from over 23 years in this field make for interesting reading. Included in this book are tips for managing conflicts in your own life and workplace.

Keara's Kauses
Quiet, shy Keara Flood has embarked on some significant projects in an effort to change our world! From the environment to social justice, read how this preteen changemaker is passionate about making a difference - both locally and globally.

Inking the Story
Artist and entrepreneur Curtis Bearss, owner of Bears Skin Tattoos in Stratford, will challenge your tattoo prejudice. The story behind each tattoo is unique to the wearer. Chat with this book to discover some unexpected stories - he's an interesting canvas.

OCD Won't Stop Me!
Diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a child, Brandon Reynolds hasn't let it slow him down. Share the enthusiam for his award-winning Lego designs and his passion for Pokemon in this illuminating look at a young man's strategies for enjoying life and his hobbies. 

Uganda to Canada - One Family's Story
Growing up in Uganda, Magdaline's family faced persecution for their political beliefs. Her father was killed in the jail where she was also tortured and abused. Magdaline and Moses Mungami Wecheyi will share their incredible stories of poverty and persecution, and their journey to a new life in Canada. 

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