Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Directions

Earlier this year, our library board passed our new Mission, Vision Values & Strategic Directions.  The library board and staff developed this plan from working with all the feedback provided by the Stratford community in our community engagement process.  
SPL staff are very excited to be moving forward in fulfilling this mission and making your library the best library it can be in its current space. 

Mission Statement
An equitable, safe and welcoming environment where anyone can explore, learn, create and connect. 

Vision Statement
We’re here for you...
The library is a vibrant community hub and favourite destination where personable, knowledgeable and progressive staff, provide innovative and interactive programs and services to anyone.
Or you can take us with you...
With robust technology and engaging on-line spaces, the library transforms community life by inspiring and enabling literacy, curiosity, creativity and change. 
To refresh your spirit...
The library is essential to community life because of its deeply inclusive and collaborative approach to making this a better place to live.

We are committed to:
  • intellectual freedom, and access to knowledge for all;
  • treating everyone with dignity, respect, courtesy and compassion;
  • providing quality service without bias;
  • encouraging innovation and personal development;
  • recognizing and valuing the contributions of volunteers;
  • appreciating and responding to the diversity of our community. 

Strategic Directions 
  • Provide Leadership in Establishing a Community Technology Commons
  • Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement & Community Collaboration
  • Launch a Re-branding Campaign
  • Address Facility Needs 
For more information about our Strategic Plan, please visit our website or read more on our blog.

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