Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello, OverDrive 3.0

Launches August 20 - For EPUB ebook and MP3 audiobook formats only

Patrons who already use OverDrive will be prompted to update the App on August 20. From this date forward, anyone downloading the app will be downloading the newest 3.0 version.
What’s new?
  • Immediate Reading
  • Menu Options and Locations
  • OverDrive ONE
  • Guidance and Help
Immediate Reading

Open the app and go immediately back to where you were last reading or listening.
Menu Options and Locations
  • Swipe left from anywhere in the app to view the Home Menu (contains features such as the Bookshelf)
  • Bookshelf display looks like the ADE display and includes cover art. Tap and hold on a cover to view three options: Delete, Return, and Share (on social media – Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads and email)
  • Swipe right to view the Book Menu (table of contents, summary, bookmarks (bookmarks can now be renamed for personalization)
  • Tapping the center of the screen returns users to their full screen reading/listening experience
Variable Song Playback for audiobooks ONLY on iOS located in the bottom menu. Allows users to choose the speed at which audiobooks are read aloud.
OverDrive ONE

In beta with OMC 3.0. Allows users to sync bookmarks, reading positions, and library sites visited across multiple devices.  Go to Learn More to do just that!

Guidance and Help
  • Guidance screens appear as a transparent blue overlay and provide instructions for new users to get acquainted with the app and learn basic navigation technique
  • In-app help allows users to troubleshoot without having to visit a browser

OMC 3.0 is available for Apple products with iOS 6 or newer and OS products using OS 4.0 or newer.

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