Monday, July 8, 2013

Ready, Set, Snap!

SPL is having a contest! The SPL Life Photo Contest!

Give us your best shot – your photographic impressions of the energy, serenity, beauty or mystery of Stratford’s most dynamic facility – The Stratford Public Library. The winning submissions will be featured in a library photo exhibit and on the library’s new website (set to be launched Fall 2013).

Submission ideas include:
  • The Beauty of the Building: Try to capture the unique physical form of the library
  • Space-to-Place: Show us how the library is so much more than a building but rather a place where the community lives! e.g. favourite reading spots, highlighting where the action is, etc.
  • Creative Vision: Use your creativity and technological savvy! Imaginative, innovative and inspired photographic manipulations involving the library are welcome! 
  • In and Out: Our experiences of the library are steeped in ongoing movements and interactions between other spaces; images can include an interface between inside/outside the library (e.g. through a window or a doorway)
  • Library After Hours: Night scenes, shadowy sights; can you ‘see’ the mystery and intrigue of the library
  • The People of the Library: The library was built for people! Images may include actual people using the library space (preferably not excessively posed). Be spontaneous and have fun - but be sure you have their permission!
The deadline for entries is July 31, 2013. Be sure to read the full submission information and contest rules and guidelines before you start snapping!.

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