Monday, June 24, 2013

Evergreen™ Featured Title: Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill

Eating Dirt
Charlotte Gill
FIC Gill

A treeplanter’s vivid story of a unique subculture and the magical life of the forest.
Charlotte Gill planted her first tree at the age of nineteen. She had taken a summer job on a reforestation crew between her semesters at the University of Toronto. The work took her into the remote boreal forests of the north. She was instantly hooked on the outdoor exhilarations of the tree-planting life.
In her seventeen seasons as a tree planter Charlotte has worked on the Canadian Shield, in foothills of the Albertan Rockies and in many parts of British Columbia.  She has planted more than a million trees…

This book has already received many accolades, from being on the Evergreen™ shortlist, to being a finalist for the Hilary Weston NonFiction Prize, and winning various awards like the B.C. National Book Award! Check out this CBC interview from February of 2012 – read and listen.

You can also watch Charlotte discussing Eating Dirt, as well as her upcoming work:

Have you read this book and now have a burning desire to spend your summers as a tree planter? Check out Canadian website for everything you will need to know, including how to get hired!

Don’t forget, if you read this book as part of SPL’s STARR Summer Reading program, you can claim 2 stamps on your Rewards Card, and also be eligible to vote during Ontario Public Library Week, October 20-26, to choose the winner of the Evergreen™ Award!

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