Friday, April 5, 2013

Save Some Cash

When items are returned late to the Library, they are charged a small fee per day.  For adult material it is generally $.30 per day and for children's materials it is $.20 per day - and DVDs are $1 per day. As you can imagine - this can add up.  We want to help - we want to help you save your money (and return things on time).  We have a few recommendations:
  1. Be sure to take your checkout slip. Many people put it up on their fridge so they have a constant reminder that things are coming due.  Or use it as a bookmark - that way every night you are reading, you see when the item is due.
  2. If you have a smartphone,  program the due dates in the calendar with a reminder 2 days before so that you have the time to renew or return before the late fee begins. 
  3. Sign up for an account in our online catalogue (aka BiblioCommons) and then use the Email reminder service.  This service will notify you by email that things are coming due - giving you time to renew them before the due date.  All you need is your library card and PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number) and you are in. If you need help, give us a call. 
  4. Sign up for email notification for your overdue notices  This way when notices are generated (14 days past their due dates for books, 3 days for DVDs), you get the message immediately - not when it arrives in through the snail mail service. To get this set up, ask the next time you are in. You will also start to receive email notices of your requested items when thy come in too. 
  5. Use our ebook or audiobook serivce.  There never any late fees and things are returned automatically - how sweet is that?
And as always, most material can now be returned in the library book drop - any hour of the day, and we can do phone renewals (so long as there are no requests!) over the phone during business hours. 

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