Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello, 2013, How do you do?

Resolutions are funny things, most of us are sick of hearing the word by January 4 but talking about our goals for the year ahead is said to make them more attainable and increase our chances of success.

Firstly, I want you to think about your 2013 goal... now, I want you to add this to it:
In 2013, I will discover my public library. 
OR In 2013, I will rediscover my public library.
You see, every year you try to improve yourself and so does the library.
We are constantly evolving to serve you better.

You might be wondering, what does my personal New Year's resolution have to do with libraries?

My answer: The SPL can help make your goals for 2013 become realities. Of course, you need to know how to use library services, take advantage of professional staff and participate in an assortment of engaging programs to make this possible.

Let's try a few examples.
Find this HERE

Spend more time with the kids.
- Check our Events page for free, family-friendly programs
- Visit the Programs for Kids and Families page
- Pick one or two times each week to visit the library as a family
- Browse our collection for PG and G rated DVDs for a movie night (popcorn not included)
- Browse our books for recreation ideas fit for the whole family

Learn how to use my computer.
- New Computer Training classes will begin shortly. A list of the classes offered can be found here.
- Come into the library and speak to our friendly staff, we may be able to do a quick how-to.
- Browse our collection for help guides such as this extensive list for operating Windows 7.
- Take advantage of the public access computers in the library.

Connect with my friends online.
- Included in our Computer Training classes are social media guides. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and times. A list of the classes offered can be found here.
- Come into the library and speak to our friendly staff, we may be able to do a quick how-to.
- Browse our collection for help guides for everyone from the professional to the beginner level.
- Take advantage of the public access computers in the library including internet access.

Run a 5Km race.
- I had a similar goal for 2012 and I must say, the library was hugely helpful. I was able to create a workout plan from various guides, read stories about athletes to keep me motivated, find healthy recipe books and learn about human anatomy. Check these out. That being said, no running in the library.

Improve eating habits.
- We have recipe books for vegetarians, vegans, meatarians (the ones who eat a lot of meat), gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, picky kids, picky adults, low-fat diets... the list goes on.
Did I forget, allergy-friendly?
And yes, all of those link to specific food lists because I love recipe books and I think someone should hire me a personal chef so I can try even half of the recipes I drool over. Yum!

Improve grades.
- Use our databases!
- Use our collections!
- Use our super-skilled staff!
Call, email, visit. We CAN and we WANT TO help you succeed in school... seriously.

Quit smoking.
- We have help books for that too.
- We are a no smoking facility so if you hang out here you're doing well!

Find a job that I love.
- Look at our Career Databases, particularly Career Cruising where you can take a test to find jobs suited to your skills and preferences.
- Research schools and scholarships
- Browse our collection to learn more about different fields.

Off the top of my head I can find ways for us to help with many other common resolutions such as...
- Get the house organized
- Plan a budget
- Be more assertive
- Build something
- Learn a new hobby
- Learn a new language
- Plan a trip
- Get married
- Be happy (er)

I hope I've convinced you to make the SPL a big part of your 2013. Now, share this with others!

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