Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Copyright Bill and You

You may have heard about a new copyright bill in Canada, Bill C-11. You may have tried to understand what the new laws meant to you and your life. Well, let us help you find some answers!

Busy Television Viewers
Timeshifting TV shows for personal purposes is now legal in Canada (used to be up in the air).

Changing With The Times

People can also make backup copies of their favourite eBooks, TV shows, movies, music and the like, even if it’s in different formats than they were originally purchased – good news for those who want to digitize their vinyl collection, for example.

Comedians Unleashed

Expansion of
 fair dealing (ie circumstances in which people may use or copy content for free without fear of legal retribution). Fair dealing now includes education, parody and satire. So if you're a stand-up comedian you can use news reports in your skits. These are added to the original fair dealing purposes: research, private study, news reporting, criticism and review. That said, users planning to access or copy content under fair dealing would do well to educate themselves on the 6 factors courts use to decide whether a given instance of copying constitutes fair dealing. Fair dealing is a judgment call, and the more informed users are, the more accurate their judgment calls are likely to be.

Doin' the Mash

There’s a new user-generated content provision that protects users who create remixes or mashups without commercial gain in mind – great news for YouTubers who want to use a licensed song in the background of a video they post. 

Library Patrons
Laws have been changed to allow for easier interlibrary loan of documents from university libraries’ eresource collections, like journals and databases. Instead of photocopied or printed pages of a requested electronic document a link will provide access.

downloadLibrary Patrons

It is not legal to break DRM (digital rights management) software on files for any reason. The library uses downloadLibrary and software including Overdrive media Console and Adobe Digital Editions to lend ebooks and eaudiobooks to patrons. These materials are protected by DRM and cannot be copied for personal or commercial use.

Questions about copyright and citing your sources? Try:
EasyBIb Citation Guide
Bibliographic Citation Manuals and Handbooks from the library
Purdue Online Writing Lab

Or, come visit us at the reference desk, email us at or call 519-271-0220.

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