Friday, September 14, 2012

Changes to Hotmail

Some of you may have already experienced the changeover but if you haven't don't worry - it sounds scarier than it actually is! Microsoft is replacing Hotmail with Outlook. Everyone will eventually be changed over to the new interface but if you'd like to get it now open a new tab and sign into your Hotmail account. While keeping the Hotmail tab open return to this tab and click HERE.  Voila, welcome to your new Outlook account! Time to take a look around!

What stays the same?

#1 - The mail you have in your Hotmail account - no emails are lost or added during the change. Your folders, drafts, and contacts etc. stay the same. Phew!

#2 - Your email address. If you're using an address now you can keep it - although new addresses will be However, if you'd like a new ID that is also possible and you can make the switch while the contents in your old account remain the exact same.

What will change?

#1. Like Gmail that combines other templates such as calendars, Google docs, collaborative sharing options, etc., Microsoft is initiating their own versions of these features. There are four main tabs: MAIL, PEOPLE, CALENDAR, SKYDRIVE (includes 7GB of cloud-based storage - see blog on cloud computing).

#2. According to Outlook's marketing, they'll be offering "the best spam protection in the industry" - I'll believe it when I DON'T see it!

#3. The new address book offers direct contact with popular social media pages such as Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail, and Twitter to easily import contacts.

#4. Passwords are limited to 16 characters... just a heads up!

My Two Cents...

The interface is pretty awesome, very user friendly! Composing new messages (New + at the top) simply requires you to click and type to fill in the fields (just as before), but easier on the eyes! Contacts can be found on the left hand side and do not require you to go to another page making them very readable and perfect for browsing and reviewing who you've included in the "To" field.

If you had been using Messenger it is still there (top right with the smiley face)!

My favourite part of Outlook? Whitespace instead of junky advertisements! Although you may see text-based advertisements there should be fewer than you previously experienced and these will be less intrusive.

The Toronto Public Library also has some fabulous information on their website that includes video tutorials!

As of now I can still access my Hotmail account using the old interface... but why would I? I'm sold on the new one already! Easy!

If you are having trouble getting started with the new look please come into the library and we can get you rolling!


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