Friday, August 31, 2012

Look for the Stars!

I love sharing the titles of my favourite books, movies, and cds with my friends. With our online catalogue I can share virtually - not just for my friends to see, but also for library users all over the world! You too can easily add reviews, comments, and star ratings. Star ratings are the simplest way to share what you enjoyed (or perhaps didn't enjoy). 

Why Add Star Ratings?

Star ratings guide other library members to discover items of interest to them. Any title that you rate with 4 or 5 stars will be recommended to other users who are “following” you. Star ratings are averaged across all members who rate a specific title, and add value to your library’s catalogue by highlighting high-quality items.
Star Rating in BiblioCommons

To Contribute a Star Rating:

  1. Log into your account in the catalogue.
  2. Visit the page of the item you want to star rate.
  3. Click the number of stars you think a title deserves, and your rating will be recorded. You can use-half star increments to be more precise. You can also change the rating at any time by clicking a different number of stars. You can un-rate a title by moving your pointer to the right of the last star, and then clicking the x when it appears.

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