Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Paralympic Games: Information Station!

Isaac Bouckley, men's 400m freestyle swimmer

The Paralympic Games take place from August 29th to September 9th in London, England. The Canadian Team has put together 20 amazing Canadian Paralympic Super Athletes videos that are an absolute must watch! Super Athletes are exactly what they are and I for one cannot wait to watch them in action. So grab those you love and watch/read/listen as this team proves that obstacles are meant to be tackled.

Here is where to get your information:

Jody Schloss, Canadian Paralympic equestrian team

See the schedule of events

Michelle Stilwell, wheelchair racing
Follow the Official Paralympic Games on Twitter
And/or if you're primary interests are on the Candian Athletes you can follow this Twitter feed!

If you're more of a Facebook person try this Canadian page or try this page from The International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Visit the CTV Website for all kinds of good info and articles!

Excellent video on the birth of the Paralympic Games.

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