Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Olympic Games: Information Station!

In London, England, crowds roar as the countdown to the opening ceremonies ticks by...they begin in less than 1 hour - ONE HOUR! Are you excited? I'm excited! So I type in "2012 Summer Olympics" and get hundreds of hits on Google - a prime example of too much information. 

Let's break it down:

Where can I...Watch live coverage for free on my computer? Thanks to CTV, watch HERE!

See a schedule of events and the stations to tune into?

Station Coverage
By Event and Date

Get Team Canada information?

Go Canada Go!

Keep up with Stratford's very own Olympic swimmer, Julia Wilkinson?
Follow her on Twitter

Check out her website
Like her on Facebook

Get Olympic themed books and movies form the library?
There is a list right HERE!

Follow the Olympics on Twitter?
The Games
Canadian Olympic Team
Join a group on Facebook?
Offical Page
Canadian Olympic Team

Check out the Olympics on Pinterest?
On the SPL board

Can’t get away to London this summer? 
Take a 
virtual tour London Arial Tour
Explore London
Buckingham Palace Tour

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