Friday, June 29, 2012

Strategic Plan Update: What Did the Community Say?

Last fall and winter, Stratford Public Library undertook a community engagement process of unprecedented depth and scope in preparing to update the Library's strategic plan. "Over 1300 opinions were provided by community members, who view the library as a vital community resource. They expressed a wide range of opinions on issues from accessibility to technology to the role of library staff.", commented Board Chair, Geoff Williams. "The following statements summarize what the community told us."

The community says that it wants:
  • Ease of access and library space that is easy to use and get around
  • A library that is at the cutting edge of technology and digital media
  • Library facilities that are modern but still have some traditional comforts
  • A safe and welcoming library space which permits quiet reading as well as social interaction and group research/study
  • A library that continues to change and grow and be a part of our community
  • A library that continues to have a helpful, professional and knowledgeable staff
  • A library that works on improving services to more/all groups in our community (participatory culture)
During the summer, library staff will use these statements (and the reports that provide the detail behind them – available at to prepare suggestions for the Library Board of how these might be translated into library services. The Library Board will continue its strategic planning in the fall. The Library will use Powernoodle, the local cloud-based software application which supports group decision-making, as a tool to facilitate this process.

The support of the Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, is acknowledged as well as that of the Ontario Library Association and Perth Community Futures Development Corporation

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