Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Penny... And Your Thoughts?

The Friends of the Stratford Public Library are reaching out to our community and to all the wonderful visitors who come to Stratford to vote for their favorite kinds of books by dropping their pennies in our Penny Pots here at the library and also at selected shops around town. 
“This is a new initiative by the Friends to collect all those loose pennies everyone has stashed away at home or weighing down their wallets.  Two of our members, Marthe Jocelyn and Dorothy Washbern came up with this fundraising idea weeks before the government announced they were no longer going to be printing pennies,” states Irene Miller, current Chair of the Friends.  “And another member, Ann Devereux generously sponsored all of the pots.”
At the library, simply drop your pennies into one of our pots labeled with your favourite kind of books.   The Friends will be keeping track of which kinds of books are collecting the most pennies...whether it’s Fiction or Non-Fiction, Reference, Magazines, Young Adult or Children’s. 
Irene added: “We already have several Library supporters who will match the first $25 donated in our Penny Pots.”
The funds collected in our Penny Pots will help to keep the library’s children’s reading programs free for every child in this community. 
So drop by the library or look for our Penny Pots around town.
Bring your pennies to us!
There are approximately 130 Friends of the Library, and several new corporate members who help out, check out, find out and speak out on behalf of Stratford’s library serves.
For more information on how you can display a Penny Pot in your shop, please contact Dorothy Washbern at 519 275-2475.

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