Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful Joe

Joe was a dog from Meaford Ontario whose sad story inspired the bestselling 1893 novel, “Beautiful Joe”.  This story, loved by millions, contributed to worldwide awareness of animal cruelty.  Stratford Public Library hopes to expand that awareness by helping promote the live stage adaptation of this tale which will be presented at Factory 163 in Stratford on May 16th  and May 19th as part of Spring Works Festival

There is a ”BEAUTIFUL JOE COLOURING CONTEST”, open to ages 8 and up.  The prize is 2 tickets to the performance.  Copies of the colouring page can be picked up at the Stratford Public Library.  Entries will be received at Stratford Library until May 13, 2012.  The winner will be announced on May 14. (you can also download the colouring page here)

For more information about Beautiful Joe and what you can do to help promote the humane treatment of pets, visit  The novel, written by Margaret Marshall Saunders (writing as “Marshall Saunders” to disguise her gender), is available from Stratford Public Library.

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