Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SPL Appreciates Our Volunteers!

SPL has a very active volunteer program in the library. We have volunteers doing a variety of tasks: 
  • Shelf reading
  • Book mending
  • Book covering
  • Date card stamping
  • Library Board members
  • 211 Database editors
  • Warehouse deliveries
  • Friends of the Library
  • Bulletin Board maintenance
  • Recycling
  • Brochure supply
  • Home delivery service
In 2011, the volunteers contributed 1,976 hours of time to the library doing these tasks. We don't know how we'd do it without their help!

Since April 15-21 is Volunteer Appreciation Week in Canada, yesterday we thought we'd show them how much we appreciate all they do with an Volunteer Appreciation tea.  There were a service awards given to various volunteers, lots of good food, and lots of good conversation. 

The following volunteers received service awards from SPL:

  • 1-yr certificates
    • Volunteer Program (in library & outreach): 
      • Carla Coles – home delivery
      • Kyle Dobbin – A/V disc maintenance
      • Linda Lantz – custodial support
      • Ellen Morrison – date cards
      • Patrick Ridgen – date cards
      • Jane Rimmer – PLOW (Public Library on Wheels) program support
    • Library Board
      • Dr. Kenneth Clarke
      • Charlene Gordon
      • Jeff Orr
    • Friends (booksale & magazine subscriptions, speakers series):
      • Barb Dyson
  • 2-yr certificates and pins
    • Volunteer Program (in library & outreach):
      • Nazlah Almirante – date cards (now in Scotland)
      • John Biro – home delivery
      • Marion Kelly – home delivery
      • Pam Maten – shelf – reading and PCIN data editor
      • Tammy McMichael-Ramirez – home delivery
      • Allen Ollivier – shelf reading & warehouse delivery
    • Friends (booksale, magazine subscriptions, speaker series):
      • Holly Barkman - Secretary
      • Dwight Sharp - Treasurer
    • Foundation
      • Diane Sewell
  • 5-yr certificates
    • Volunteer Program
      • Mac Kropf
      • Anne McCune
    • Board
      • Patricia Walker-Mann
      • Geoff Williams
      • Tom McCaul (Friends & Board)
    • Friends
      • Dorothy Washbern
Thank you to all of our amazing Volunteers! More pictures from the Volunteer Tea are available on the library Flickr page. If you are interested in becoming a SPL Volunteer, visit website to see all the ways you can support the Library. 

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