Tuesday, April 10, 2012

downloadLibrary and Holds

I'm often asked how holds work with downloadLibrary.  Here are a few how tos:

Placing a Hold
If the book you are looking for is currently being read by someone else, click on the Place a Hold.  You will be prompted to log into your account and enter an email address.  When the title is available, that is the email address you will be contacted at.  

Retrieving a Hold
When a title becomes available you are sent an email message to let you know.  You will have three days (to the minute) that the email was sent to check the book out.  To access the hold go to www.downloadlibrary.ca sign into your account.  Click on My Holds and beside the hold that is now available click on Add to Cart and follow the check out process You can then download the book and enjoy!

You log in and your hold isn't there! 
Yikes! This can happen if you have changed your library card number. If this is the situation, we need to get Overdrive to merge your library card numbers so you can access the holds placed on your old card. Contact the library as soon as you can so we can have the accounts merged before the hold expires.  We cannot rearrange the holds to put you back at the beginning of the list.  

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