Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facebook Profile Viewer?

Nope. It's another scam that is hitting Facebook.  Facebook Profile Viewer  is an application that claims to let you see who is viewing your profile. Now while that would be nice...  it is yet another rogue app that is being used to gather up personal information and spread spam.  

Essentially what the scam does is prompts you to click on a link similar to this:

New Update from facebook. Now you can check who visited your profile. check here -------->>>FAŒBOOK PROFILE VIEWER ®<<<<------
Who Watching your Profile ?

When you click on the link, you are asked to let the Facebook Profile Viewer App access your profile. Once you agree, a false screen showing your "top stalkers" will appear. They really are just people in your friends listing. During this time, the app is harvesting your data and posting to your profile... which then goes out on your newsfeed to all your friends and then if they click on the link the scam continues to grow.

So what to do if you click?

  1. Delete the posts on your profile
  2. Remove the app in your privacy settings from interacting with your profile
  3. And try not to fall for it again
Read up on on our past posts about Facebook to help adjust your privacy and security settings. 

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