Friday, February 10, 2012

Harry Potter: Heroic Fantasy, Murder Mystery or Videogame

Now that's a question!

Come hear Associate Professor Neil Randall, PHD from the English Department at University of Waterloo look into the world of Harry Potter. 

The Harry Potter series – both books and films – has been categorized both as children’s stories and particularly the later books, as stories of heroic fantasy, but other well-known narrative structures seem to be at play. In this talk, I examine the possibility that J.K. Rowling and the film-version screenwriters, intentionally or unintentionally, drew us in by giving us both classic mysteries and level-based videogames. In fact, this mash-up of story genres might well explain the range of popularity for the stories, ranging from reverence through fascination for some and, for others, frustration and confusion. In other words, maybe Potter is a splendid example of convergence, or maybe it’s just a big mess.

Wednesday February 15 | 7-9pm | Library Auditorium | FREE | Register

Brought to you in partnership with University of Waterloo: Stratford Campus. 

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