Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Human Library is back for Culture Days

As part of Culture Days, this year the Stratford Public Library will be holding a Human Library at Factory 163, 11am-3pm on Saturday October 1.  [more SPL events]

A Human Library is much like a typical library - the reader selects an interesting book, signs it out for up to 30 minutes, has a conversation, then returns the book. Chat, learn, and challenge your assumptions as you connect with people in your community in a new and unique way! 

To reserve a book, call the library at 519-271-0220 or drop in to Factory 163 on October 1st.

Available Titles:

The Life of a Clown
A class clown for most of his life, Chad Bogle ignored his principal’s advice and became a real clown! Magic, juggling (learning with golf balls can hurt!), balloon sculptures and stilt-walking are all part of his repertoire. What does it take to be a professional clown? Check out Bogle the Clown to learn about clowning around.

Building Community: The Life of a Music Virologist
In a city known for its music, Nathan McKay helps the music grow and stay alive. His dream to put Stratford on the map musically is becoming a reality. Nathan’s skill can be seen in everything from encouraging up and coming Stratford musicians, (such as a young Justin Beiber), to producing and promoting music for much larger festivals such as Savour Stratford, The Virtual Blackout, and Stratford Blues & Ribfest . A “music junkie” with a background in Entertainment Administration, his passion for the local music scene is brought to life in this intriguing music biography.

A World Ambassador for Peace
This fascinating biography highlights the work of a Relief and Developmental Professional who has worked for UNICEF and other humanitarian agencies. Dr. Gezahgn Wordofa was born in Ethiopia, and met and married his Stratford-born wife in Moscow, where he was stationed for 15 years. Named to his current position by the Russian Social Academy, fluent in Russian and widely travelled, he and his family now make their home in Stratford. And his boss is Angelina Jolie! 

Migrating with the Birds
An Elegant Trogon is perhaps the most unusual bird Ken Clarke has found, in the more than 700 species he has seen or heard. His travels around continental North America, and even more remote areas of the world, will give you a rare glimpse of the life of a birder.

Urban Shamanism 
Shamanism is an ancient form of personal development and healing pre-dating all known religions and philosophies. A medical intuitive, Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, Thanadoula and a cancer survivor, Janet Sinclair aligns with these ancient transformative tools and techniques. Janet shares her awareness and experiences of the extraordinary within an ordinary urban life.

The Art of The Tailor
Visitors to the Fortress of Louisboug see reenactments in historically authentic 18th century clothing, thanks to the work of Robert Doyle, Costume Designer, Author, and Artist. Forty years of costume design expertise, three classic books on costuming, and two innovative theatre design programs equals one fascinating man! He has worked for theatres across the country and is a Member of the Order of Canada. This “book” is also an author! His books are now classics: Waisted Efforts, about corset making; Laundry, the definitive work about cleaning clothes; and The Art of The Tailor, the complete book of tailoring techniques for the theatre. 

Coast to Coast Robot Tour 
“We are going on a cross-Canada tour, to teach Artistic Robot Workshops to students…” So began the adventures of entrepreneur Kristen Keller. Her goal - to teach 100,000 students how to make robots, learn through their strengths, and have fun doing it. What she didn't account for, was what happened when nothing went as planned! Kristen will share her inspirational journey, and provide answers to the question of what NOT to do when touring across Canada! A humorous book, definitely worth reading.

A Stratford Star 
Singing, acting and dancing led Olivia Kramer to community theatre and the Stratford Festival stage. However, competing in Stratford Star (aka Stratford Idol) gained her a trophy and the title of Stratford Star 2011. Olivia writes her own music, sings and sometimes performs with her guitar. Read about this talented young woman and how she is making a name for herself. 

A Bucket of Change
Six years ago, a 6 year old Ian MacGregor first heard the story of Ryan Hreljac, founder of Ryan’s Well Foundation, who was raising funds for fresh water wells in Africa. Ian thought, “If Ryan can do it, I can too….” And he has! Read how Ian has raised awareness and money to support four wells in Uganda, over the past five years. An amazing accomplishment for a 12 year old!

Open up your world - borrow a book from the Human Library! 

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