Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SPL Shelf Life [Kids]

These reviews appeared in the Stratford Gazette on July 28, 2011 Written by Sally Hengeveld, Librarian

Young Fredle By Cynthia Voigt
Read by Wendy Carter
Book on CD @ SPL: J FBCD Voigt

Fredle, a friendly young mouse, lives behind the kitchen cabinets of a country home. When he is discovered by one of the owners, he is suddenly forced to leave his safe, cozy home and family.
In the outside world he encounters both adventure and danger as he discovers sunshine, rain, lawnmowers, raccoons, birds, snakes … and field mice (who, apparently, are much different from house mice!)
Although Fredle longs for home, he also enjoys his newfound feelings of freedom and space. When he is finally able to return home, he has a choice to make. Does he really want to give up his freedom for the safety of his old home – or can he have both?
Cynthia Voigt is the accomplished author of many children’s and teen books.
Young Fredle, her newest title, is a gentle fable about fearing the unknown while enjoying the magic of discovering new things and experiences.
The story of Fredle is intended for ages approximately seven to 11 years, but the whole family would likely enjoy this appealing and wise animal story.
Young Fredle is also available as an online audio book and as an online ebook (please visit http://www.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing 
Written and read by Judy Blume

Written in 1972 (and reprinted many times), Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, the first of Judy Blume’s stories about Peter and Fudge, has long been a children’s favourite.
Fourth-grader Peter Warren Hatcher’s relationship with his rambunctious two-year-old brother, Farley Drexel (“Fudge”) certainly has its ups and downs.
In Peter’s opinion, he’s on the receiving end of most of the downs because Fudge, being the younger brother, always seems to get his own way. (As the story unfolds, however, Peter realizes that his parents actually do not let Fudge away with everything.) Nevertheless, Peter prefers to spend time with his pet turtle than with his little brother.
From the temper tantrums that he throws at the worst possible times to smearing his mashed potatoes on the wall, Fudge always manages to make Peter’s life – and that of his parents – interesting, to say the least! (In fact, as a hint as to what happens later in the story, Judy Blume first thought of writing this book after reading a newspaper account of a young boy eating a pet turtle…)
Adding to Peter’s distress (and the book’s humour) is Sheila Tubman, one of Peter’s classmates, whose family lives in the same apartment building. The two are often at odds – Peter thinks that Sheila is a bossy know-it-all.
Written for ages seven to 11 years, the whole family will laugh again and again at this hilarious story.
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is also available as an online audio book. (Again, please visit http://www.stratford.

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