Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's the temperature?

You can't blame everyone for talking about the weather this week - what with today's temperature of 36C and all.  And it's in every Canadian's nature to talk about the weather - its just something that comes naturally to us. But where do you get your weather information? There's the news on tv and on the radio, as well as the dedicated weather station on tv - but you can also access weather information online.  

By accessing weather forecasts online, you obtain current information when you want it and when you need it.  You can also get the information sent to your mobile phone in a variety of apps.  

It's not just the temperature you can access either. You can see radarssatellite imagery, weather warnings, where lightning is striking - and not just your local forecast - but around the world.  There are marine forecasts, golfing reports, and even pollen reports. And not only for today - but there is the long range forecast and past forecasts.  What you can find is just amazing - you just need to take a few minutes to explore.  Some of my favourite sites include:

What is your favourite go to source for your weather?

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