Monday, May 16, 2011

Facebook Security Part V - Viruses

Just like anything online, viruses can penetrate into your Facebook profile.  Generally you see them appear in your News Feed in the form of a video you are prompted to click on.   If you click on the video, you also launch a piece of code that sends the message to all your friends, and continues to spread the virus.  
Recently there was a virus going around advertising an Osama Bin Laden shoot down video. After following a sequence of keyboard clicks, the virus would be sent out to all your friends, formated to look like you sent it. This not the only one - there are many, many other similar viruses.  
Luckily for the most part, viruses on social media sites are not extremely harmful.  Some might ask for your credit card information - but very few. Generally they are looking for your personal information by scanning your computer or by asking you to fill out a survey.  That information is then sold. Sometimes malware is installed on your computer to help companies track infected computers.   
The best practice is simply not to click on the ad. You can also delete it from your feed.
So be careful what you click on. If you have received the same video clip suggestion 5 times in one day... then it is likely something you don't want to click on. 
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