Monday, May 9, 2011

downloadLibrary and eBooks

Are you an eBook user with downloadLibrary? Did you know that you can return ebooks to the virtual library before they are set to automatically expire? This allows the book to move on to the next person on the request list.  [Just a note though, you don’t want to return the book before you are finished reading it!]

Returning an eBook is very easy to do:
  1. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Click on the arrow in the left corner of the book you want to return.
  3. Select “Return Borrowed Item"
The item is then returned, and you have one more item you can check out!  Unfortunately it does not work this way with the audiobook downloads.

For more information on downloadLibrary or to print off one of our help guides, visit our website. You can also ask for a demo the next time you are in the library. 

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