Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

With less than 48 hours to go to the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, royal fever has taken over. 

I thought I would share some details on the wedding:
  • The wedding has it's own official website.  
  • The couple have asked for no gifts, instead they would appreciate donations to their charitable gift fund
  • The wedding will be held at 10am London England time, and streamed live online. You can watch it on the wedding website, CTV and CBC.
  • There will not be a kiss in the church - it's forbidden by the Church of England.  That being said, they will have an official kiss at 1:25pm, London time. 
  • There will be 1,900 guests watching in person, and millions more watching on tv or online. 
  • There is an official Royal Wedding youtube channel.   
  • You can sign a virtual guest book and send Kate and William your best wishes. 
  • You can also follow the royal wedding on Twitter -
  • The royal couple have their own stamp - that's right, their own stamp. And guess what - you can too!
  • Didn't get your invitation to the wedding? You can get yours here
If you prefer to read up on William and Kate you might find the following interesting:
And don't be surprised to see a staff member or two donning their royal jewels at the Library on Friday! I for one will be wearing my tiara, even if isn't close to the one that Kate is expected to wear.

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