Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life Long Learning @ your library

Don't have plans for Thursday April 21? You do now - come hear Michael Ross of uWaterloo's department of Psychology discuss the Art and Science of Apology.  As you can tell from the description below, the lecture will lead to some very interesting discussions. The lecture will be held in the Library Auditorium and runs from 7 - 9 with a time for questions. And best of all it's free! This program is run in coordination with Stratford Campus, uWaterloo

The Art and Science of Apology 
Michael Ross of uWaterloo's Department of Psychology discusses his recent research on apologies. First, he explores whether men apologize less often and less well than women do. Next, he discusses drivers’ responses to police after being stopped for speeding. Do apologies reduce ticket costs? Finally, he discusses government apologies for historical injustices against minorities. Ross considers when governments apologize, how they apologize, and effects of their apologies. 

Hope to see you on Thursday, April 21, in the Library Auditorium 7-9pm. And all you smart phone users, be sure to "check in" at the Library on FourSquare!

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