Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook Security Part IV - Even More Settings!

Just when you thought you were done, there are a few more settings you may want to adjust.

Use Facebook Securely
Facebook recently announced the ability for its members to always use https connections. Facebook does have a secure connection when you log in, but that secure connection is not maintained through your entire session unless you opt-in to the secure connection setting.  So what does this mean? If you turn on secure browsing, your data cannot be monitored by other users of the network or the ISP (Internet service provider).  This is especially useful for those using public computer such as in coffee shops, libraries, schools.  The downside of using https is that pages may take a tad longer to load. Also some third party applications may not support https and it will need to be temporarily disabled.  

To turn on secure browsing:
Click on Account Account Settings > and then Account Security on the Settings screen. Click in the check box for Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible

Account Activity
Beneath Secure Browsing you will also notice a section on Account Activity.  Here you can view your recent Facebook account activity. If you notice an unfamiliar device or location, click "end activity".  When I first reviewed this section, I was surprised to find numerous recent logins, some which did not look like they were mine.   If you see something that does not belong, choose End Activity.  You can also sign up for email alerts about new account activity.

Facebook Ads 
There are ads on Facebook. That’s how Facebook makes their money. Currently Facebook does not give third party applications or ad networks the right to use your name or picture in ads.  However they may in the future.  You can choose whether or not you want these third party ads to be able to use your personal information if Facebook does allow the sharing in the future. 
Click on Account > Account Settings > Facebook Ads tab > click on the link to Edit third party ad settings.

Example of a Social Ad
There is also work being done on making ads social.  Social ads will allow you to see what products and services your friends like.  So you may see your friends profile pictures as well as their name associated with a restaurant for instance.  You can choose whether or not you want this turned on for you.
Click on Account > Account Settings > Facebook Ads tab > click on the link to Edit social ad settings.

 Next time... spam and viruses on Facebook. 

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