Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"It's Your Cause" Video Challenge

The "It's Your Cause" video challenge, sponsored by Teen Health & Wellness, has begun! It's a perfect project for teachers to do with their health, language arts, or media classes.  Teens can also enter a video they personally produce. It's a great way want to showcase your creativity and have the chance to win great prizes.
From depression to dating to green living, consider creating public service announcements on an issue teens are passionate about. The PSAs could be published in the Teen Health & Wellness database and be message heard by teens around the world.  For complete details on this video challenge, visit the Teen Health and Wellness website
What is Teen Health and Wellness? Its an online database that is developed for teens with their unique concerns in mind . It is award-winning and critically acclaimed, providing curricular support and self-help on topics including diseases, drugs & alcohol, nutrition, mental and emotional health, cyber-literacy, family life, sexuality and more. All content is reviewed by leading professionals across fields including medicine, mental health, nutrition, substances abuse prevention, guidance and career counseling.  Members of the Stratford Public Library have access to this great tool by entering their library card number
Screenshot of a video from Springfield High School 

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