Friday, February 25, 2011

Human Library Recap

On Wednesday February 23, an extremely interesting event happened at SPL - a Human Library.  This was the second Human Library  held at Stratford Public Library.  With a Human Library, people with interesting life stories are available for loan. You get to book a period of time and chat with the human "book". As you chat, you can learn and challenge your assumptions by connecting with people in your community in a new and unique way. 
We were lucky enough to have 16 best selling titles available for loan - from a Town Crier to an entomologist, to a cancer survivor. Click here for our full listing of titles.   These bestsellers were read by approximately 70 readers over the day, and from what we could tell, the books also had a great time!
We hope to offer another Human Library later in the year- so hope to see you then!

For Crying Out Loud! [Scott Fraser]

Lady of the Lakes [Lillian Kluka]

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