Saturday, February 12, 2011

February is Love Your Library Month!

It's Valentines Day on Monday - the holiday that you either you love or you hate.   Personally I'm a huge fan of the "Day of Love".  It reminds me to take a step back and honour all those special people in my life.  But not just the people in my life, the extra important places too - like the Library!  It is Love Your Library Month after all!

Oh, Library, Why do I Love Thee?
  1. You provide me with FREE access to thousands of books on any topic my heart desires.
  2. I can attend programs of all sorts - for FREE (or close to it - our prices are very reasonable).  SPL has great children's storytimes, computer training, movies lectures, book talks - the list goes on and on.
  3. I get FREE access to computers with Internet and FREE wireless (can you tell I love the FREE aspect of the library?)
  4. There are Amazing databases available for me to research from anywhere I have access to the Internet - all I need is my FREE library card.
  5. I get FREE borrowing of music on cds.
  6. I save money by borrowing DVDs for FREE - with a week long loan for my busy lifestyle.  And there are DVDs of all types - feature films, foreign films, Children’s movies, documentaries, TV series, Bollywood, Exercise, etc…
  7. I can access FREE ebooks, audiobooks, and evideo for download from downloadLibrary 
  8. My kids have great homework help through the Library.  SPL has sites for children and teens - allowing for age appropriate help whenever / where ever they need it.
  9. My kids can attend Summer Reading Programs which helps help them keep their minds active all summer long
  10. There are amazing Reference Librarians who can help find anything. If the library doesn’t have it, that’s, ok, they know people who do.
So... why do you love the Library?

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  1. I love my library for all of those things AND because of the super-duper staff!!